Mobile Air Conditioning for a Tent

Private Parties, Ceremonies, Receptions, Weddings and Anniversaries can be held in many different locations and we have the experience and expertise having provided temporary cooling and heating service for hundreds of Sanctuaries, Churches, Reception Halls, Botanical Gardens, Private Homes, Tents and even ...Barns.

"The Best Investment for Your Event"

Church Wedding Cooling Service

Now you can be sure that your Wedding or Special Event will turn out a success and your guests will be cool, comfortable and in style.

There is no need to worry about fading flower arrangements, overheated guests and overdressed members of your party!

We have spot coolers and mobile units to accomodate your needs


Cooling Service Reception Hall

Our Mobile and Portable Air Conditioning Equipment is ready to go and be put into service quickly and will be delivered ahead of the start time of your event to pre-cool. Service personnel is available to set up, operate the equipment and assure your piece of mind.
HVAC Repairs or Maintenance can render your desired and otherwise absolutely perfect location unsuitable for a party. Don't forget people make heat too.
Don't change your carefully prepared plans Call us - We Can Help!

Mobile Airconditioning Service Wedding Barn


Equipment and Services are subject to availability unless your reservation is confirmed. Please make sure you check our Service Areas List and Rental Policies.


We Can Cool or Heat Any Event, Space, Building or Tent Location!

Powerful, Quiet, Reliable Equipment to cool or Heat any Site