AC Rental Portable Spot Cooler


We offer rentals on Portable Air conditioners suitable for room environments. These units roll into place quickly, provide 23,000BTU of cooling and are powered by 120v service. These units supply the area they are in with cool air quickly and quietly via register.
Spotcoolers are ideal for a wide variety of commercial and temporary cooling applications including offices, computer and equipment rooms, warehouses, small tents, and other situations where central or fixed air-conditioning is not feasible.
Anti frost control, timer bypass and other safety devices are built in. These remarkable fully featured portable air conditioners are on wheels. Sleek and attractive, units operate quietly and have advanced technology that exhausts humidity. They also feature an effective filter that collects dust particles and prevents bacteria buildup.
Rental packages include exhaust air flex duct and optional condensate disposal bin.



Powerful, Quiet, Rekiable Equipment to cool or Heat any Site