25 Ton Mobile Air Conditioner Service Tent

We offer state of the art 20 and 25 ton Mobile Air Conditioning Units.
Power Generators and Operating Personnel are available to accommodate your temporary cooling requirements.
When you need cooling performance to cool a larger space with more people. we can provide complete packaged
air conditioning for any Special Event location


Our equipment has been designed, developed and 
tested to be the state of  the art portable mobile air-conditioning units of today.
At Air Conditioner Rental and Leasing Inc. our units are built for performance, reliability,
roadworthiness, and flexibility. They are ready to go anywhere and COOL anywhere.


25 ton Mobile Ac Service

When you need cooling performance to cool a
larger space and more people.
Air Conditioner Rental And Leasing
has more cooling horsepower to cool faster and quieter.
We can provide complete  air conditioning package for any Special Event location. Units are packaged with all necessary flexible Ducting (Many types and styles available)

Powerful Equipment to cool or heat any site